My Gadgets Wishlist for 2017

As We’re approaching the year of 2017, these gadgets are on my wishlist that I’ll target to own by 2017…

Nikon d3400 DSLR


Books Collection


My collections of owned books. 🙂

Artificial PDA Project


Artificial PDA – Intelligent Software Agent as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

As in the modern society with strict individual schedules and importance of time management, there is a need of having a personal digital assistant. There are PDAs available but they work as they’re programmed to. There is a need of an Intelligent Agent, which has the ability to learn adaptively with the real world dynamics, to replace conventional agents and have some intelligence built-in. These would help in the organization of daily activities in a more efficient and productive way. Designing a PDA as a Software Intelligent Agent, which can be integrated with PC and mobile devices (Java Platforms), who have the capacity of arranging and grouping the user data, providing user the queried data promptly on time in the way and format it’s needed. Some added features are : A Grammar expert of any language (here English) and also the ability to apply any kind of mathematical formula to the problems that are to be supplied as a plain text in natural language. Designing algorithms to process the natural language of the user and respond accordingly on the commands supplied in the real-world dynamic environment.

To get further information on this project – visit Blog.

Reusable Queue Library Implementation in C++


This is a very simple Queue Data Structure Implementation Library in C++. It has the ability to adapt to any data types and at the same time performs most of the collections operations that are available in the Java Collections with the speed of C++. Helpful for programming competitions where execution time is important.

Request your copy of the library by emailing me on

XML Generation Tool in C++



Generating an XML file takes a lot of efforts and gives a very lengthy code. The objective of the project is to generate the XML file automatically by accepting the objective values from user.


The implementation of this project can be found at my github repo : XML Generation Tool

Working of the tool

The tool on executing will ask user for objective value for “Definition Type” and then it’ll as user to do the data entry in the same file. Once the complete task is done, the output will be provided in the specified xml file.

Me Graphically!

How I look graphically?

hello friends 🙂