Coorg Travel, Kodagu district – 25 March 2017 – Part 2

Continues from Post 1 :

Summary : Dubare Elephant Camp and Golden Temple

Next after entering the Coorg, we were very hungry. We had Puri-Sabji and Tea. And we had limited time and hence we decided to first visit Dubare Elephant Camp.

Entrance fee at Dubare is 20rs per head and no fees for DSLR. The place opened at like 10 o’clock so we did some wierd stunts in parking with bikes. [ Shivam knows how to do 0  😉 with his Pulsar, but RE Himalayan was too heavy much lengthy to do 0. ]

There is a path through water body with very little water and stones to walk through to reach entrance of the camp.

After entering camp :

Getting elephants in mood to take bath and start bathing activity:

And a few videos I was able to do….

Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg – Video 1

Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg – Video 2

Bathing elephant. [ Fees rs 100. ]

Other than this famous attractions:

  • There was a training place for wild elephants in the area behind the water body

  • A wild elephant

And then after we went on and left from elephant camp. We were riding overnight and hence decided to get a stay and rest for a while.

We got a stay in Kushalnagar in a lodge. We wanted to go for a home-stay but they were non-reasonable and expensive and not negotiating on a fair price.

Lodge was a good stay and hence we got a room and a terrace.

In the evening we went out for Golden Temple ( Tibetan Monastery ). We had snacks nearby and then started for the temple.

The golden Buddha idol:

And “Deep”s:

After this, we went to local market to checkout local and famous stuff. A person told us that Coorg is famous for Non-veg and Alcohol :D.

We went to a shop and tasted non-alcoholic home-made wines of flavour: Banana, Cashew, Grapes, Gooseberry ( Amla ), dates and many more.

After this we get our dinner parcel and sat on terrace chit-chatting. The dinner under open sky and a perfect eminence was just wonderful! Veg Food was not good 🙁

And wrapping up with final episode.

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  1. Next time while Traveling you can use couchsurfing it will help you in saving a lot of expenses..
    PS:just a solo traveller sharing my knowledge which would help you..have a happy trip next time buddy…

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