BanasuraSagar Dam, Wayanad – October 31st 2016


Things to do at BanasuraSagar Dam:

  • Dam
  • Sight seeing
  • Jet ski
  • Garden
  • Flowers
  • Fish spa
  • Place for budding photographers

This is a wonderful place to spend a day out once you’re in Wayanad. If you’re on a trip to Wayanad you can spend a half day or a complete day here.

Also a few meters ahead of the Dam is a Waterfall –  Banasura Sagar, Meenmutty Falls. [ Do not confuse this with Meenmutty Falls ]

A few glimpse of the waterfalls:

Water is wonderful and you can play in water here. The falls + the Banasura Sagar Dam closes at 6:30PM Evening. Just after the waterfalls and little trekking, you’ll be able to get to a viewpoint.