Weekend Nandi Hills Trip – 7th May 2017


Pre-Plan: Starting out on an overnight trip – Plan was to go to **Skandagiri Night Trek**.

Starting time: We started out from Bangalore at 1 o’clock.


  • Shivam and Ashutosh ( Pulsar 180 )
  • JayV and Hardik Patel ( Honda Shine )
  • JayD and Jigar ( RE Bullet 350 ).

Decided Enroute:

Trip: Started at decided time 1’oclock from Bangalore from BTM Layout. The journey to Skandagiri Hills was smooth. We stopped for Tea midway once and then continued.

Twist: On reaching the Skandagiri Hills at 3 o’clock in morning, to our shock (mild) the place was appearing so deserted, quiet and scary as well covered with pitch silence. The atmosphere was awesome and thrilling. We reached the base temple and just parked our bikes. A guard came in from the temple’s guesthouse saying that the place was closed for night trek due to murder took place. The place was at least closed for a month as of then.

We were already mentally prepared for such a twist even before we left for Skandagiri Hills after reading review’s on Google places most of which said that the place is closed every now and then.

We had a backup plan. NANDI HILLS.

New Route: From Skandagiri Hills we started for NANDI HILLS which is like about 25kms.

Reaching Nandi Hills:

We reached Nandi Hills entrance by about 4.15am from Skandagiri Hills. The norms of Nandi Hills says the gate to entrance opens at 6 am. We started to think of alternatives after having a light snack and tea.

CampFire: This is by far the best idea we came up with. Some snaps:

Begining preps…

That delicate first spark

Feeling accomplished

Nandi Hills Peak: Finally, 6 am gates were open for Nandi Hills. Some of the beautiful snaps at Nandi Hills

The first glance

Bamboo Shed

…and bridges

…and towards the view point

View from the top

And coming down again…

The way to top

The Jam Packed parking

Photography special: Some snap I mark as photography special ( unique 😉 )

Nature in artificial flavour…

The Sun gives us light

Textures in the sky

Artificial Flying bird

Thanks for the read 🙂

Art of Living Ashram Bangalore – Jan 2nd 2017


Date of Visit: January 2nd 2017.

About 20kms out of Bangalore. Map below for reference.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Art of Living Ashram is a quiet and wonderful place.

Inside of the Ashram, you have:

  • Reception [ multiple places ]
  • Parking
  • Food courts and tea points ( cafe ). [ Lunch is free for visitors at Annapurna. Khichdi is very good. ]
  • Ayurvedic medicine stores and diagnostics center
  • Saraswati hall
  • Mahalakshmi Mandap
  • Panchkarma Center
  • Panchamrut Restaurant [ Try herbal tea here 🙂 at least ]
  • and more….

Let’s go on a visual ride

Roads inside the ashram. There are also Buses and Omni Vans available inside to commute within the ashram

Once after entering ( from Gate – 5 for us ) there is wonderful and huge gathering place for various events.

Group Gatherings for events – 1

Group Gatherings for events – 2

Group Gatherings for events – 3


Group Gatherings for events – 4

Main Mandap in view

Mandap -1

Mandap – 2

Beautiful Photo frame

Some place around

Mandap from Garden

A place to rest for a while

In the garden



And more places around — missed to photograph 😀


Shivasamundaram Falls – October 29th 2016


Shivasamundaram Falls were mostly a disappointment for us here. We took it on our way for our trip: Bangalore – Mysore – Wayanad.

There was almost negligible water in the falls. The place is also not much well maintained.

NOTE: If you want to play in water, this is not the place.

Some snaps of the Gaganchikki Barachukki Points at Shivasamundaram.