Reusable Queue Library Implementation in C++


This is a very simple Queue Data Structure Implementation Library in C++. It has the ability to adapt to any data types and at the same time performs most of the collections operations that are available in the Java Collections with the speed of C++. Helpful for programming competitions where execution time is important.

Request your copy of the library by emailing me on

XML Generation Tool in C++



Generating an XML file takes a lot of efforts and gives a very lengthy code. The objective of the project is to generate the XML file automatically by accepting the objective values from user.


The implementation of this project can be found at my github repo : XML Generation Tool

Working of the tool

The tool on executing will ask user for objective value for “Definition Type” and then it’ll as user to do the data entry in the same file. Once the complete task is done, the output will be provided in the specified xml file.