Art of Living Ashram Bangalore – Jan 2nd 2017


Date of Visit: January 2nd 2017.

About 20kms out of Bangalore. Map below for reference.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Art of Living Ashram is a quiet and wonderful place.

Inside of the Ashram, you have:

  • Reception [ multiple places ]
  • Parking
  • Food courts and tea points ( cafe ). [ Lunch is free for visitors at Annapurna. Khichdi is very good. ]
  • Ayurvedic medicine stores and diagnostics center
  • Saraswati hall
  • Mahalakshmi Mandap
  • Panchkarma Center
  • Panchamrut Restaurant [ Try herbal tea here 🙂 at least ]
  • and more….

Let’s go on a visual ride

Roads inside the ashram. There are also Buses and Omni Vans available inside to commute within the ashram

Once after entering ( from Gate – 5 for us ) there is wonderful and huge gathering place for various events.

Group Gatherings for events – 1

Group Gatherings for events – 2

Group Gatherings for events – 3


Group Gatherings for events – 4

Main Mandap in view

Mandap -1

Mandap – 2

Beautiful Photo frame

Some place around

Mandap from Garden

A place to rest for a while

In the garden



And more places around — missed to photograph 😀


Kuruvadweep, Wayanad – November 3rd, 2016


A wonderful dweep-like (island)  protected delta on the Kabini River. Kuruvadweep is the only island sorrounded with naturally purified water source in Kerala.

This dense and evergreen forest is uninhabited and hence a home to rare kinds of flora and fauna: uncommon species of birds, orchids and herbs namely. Its unique geographical characteristics make it a place where not only the leaves but also silence is evergreen being away from cities and thus it has become a place of attraction.

Here are the pics

BanasuraSagar Dam, Wayanad – October 31st 2016


Things to do at BanasuraSagar Dam:

  • Dam
  • Sight seeing
  • Jet ski
  • Garden
  • Flowers
  • Fish spa
  • Place for budding photographers

This is a wonderful place to spend a day out once you’re in Wayanad. If you’re on a trip to Wayanad you can spend a half day or a complete day here.

Also a few meters ahead of the Dam is a Waterfall –  Banasura Sagar, Meenmutty Falls. [ Do not confuse this with Meenmutty Falls ]

A few glimpse of the waterfalls:

Water is wonderful and you can play in water here. The falls + the Banasura Sagar Dam closes at 6:30PM Evening. Just after the waterfalls and little trekking, you’ll be able to get to a viewpoint.

Shivasamundaram Falls – October 29th 2016


Shivasamundaram Falls were mostly a disappointment for us here. We took it on our way for our trip: Bangalore – Mysore – Wayanad.

There was almost negligible water in the falls. The place is also not much well maintained.

NOTE: If you want to play in water, this is not the place.

Some snaps of the Gaganchikki Barachukki Points at Shivasamundaram.